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One for All and All for One


A house is built of logs and stone,
Of tiles and posts and piers;
A home is built of loving deeds
That stand a thousand years.

                                                 - Victor Hugo

Poppa BrownDAD - is an electronics engineer who served two US Presidents as advisor for Air Force One communication systems. He has been around the world four times as a satellite communications specialist, and I'm sure these boys get their sense of adventure from him. He has also traveled extensively throughout the United States and in foreign countries. He is a published technical writer and component engineer. His last job before retirement was as an operations analyst for a worldwide corporation. His hobbies are ham radio (Extra Class - AA4DY) and "snoozing." This family of ours would not be where we are today without the love and guidance of our Mr. Brown.

Momma Brown
-  is a retired church administrative assistant/beauty salon owner and instructor. She is also the Webmaster for this website as well as others. She has published an article in a Ham Radio publication called CQ Magazine, and she also holds a  ham radio license (General Class - N4KQI). Her hobbies are all computer-related and she keeps busy maintaining two homes, one in Indiana and one in Florida.


Momma Brown
- is a registered nurse and also holds a degree in business finance. He is currently working freelance. He is active in many sports (his favorite being boxing), golfing, tennis, water-skiing and maintains a regular schedule at the gym and running on the beach. He has an active lifestyle yet he always manages somehow to get back home around the holidays to visit. Also, anywhere you find the "women" you will probably find Coop right smack in the middle of the group. He is a "babe magnet" that never seems to be without female companionship.

Big Business
- is EVERYWHERE all at once.  He has so many business interests and is so active that we can't even begin to list them all here. "Big B" is currently in Kuwait working as a security analyst and we have to do all our communicating via Skype and/or telephone. Besides having a very successful career, and being a ham radio operator (Extra Class - AA4DW), and being one of the best professional deejays in the country, he always manages to somehow find time for his family and of course to "take care of business."


Sterling Nico
NIC - is the youngest son and is always busy climbing his way to the top. He is even a bigger wrestling fan than his Grandpa was. They started watching wrestling together when Nic was just a little boy and too small to understand what wrestling was all about. He also has a very successful - not to mention "stressful" - career in the professional world as a cinematographer. Nic also keeps a full-time job with Apple as a creative specialist.


BROWNIE - is our "Love Sponge" baby. He is almost 13-years-old but still runs like a puppy. We are all C-R-A-Z-Y over this dog, who almost seems "human" to us. He understands every word spoken and we hardly ever have to repeat a request that he's not right on it. His entire name is Brownie "Peanut Butter" Brown as his favorite food of all time is peanut butter. When we look at Brownie we look at pure love and devotion. We couldn't ask for a better family member.




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